Sunday, October 14, 2012

Considering Grey...

Alright, alright, settle down!!

This blog is NOT named after whats her names book.  Ive been contemplating creating either an online publication or newsletter for years under the name "Shades of Gray".  Shades of Gray was meant to represent the various shades of human sexuality between the extremes of str8 and gay.

I actually got around to creating this blog page back in July of 2010, July 24th to be exact.  How interesting is that?  Some kind of professional procrastinator I must be. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ive been meaning to get around to actually posting something on the blog, but, well, life happens. 

Im here now.

I do have some ideas of what I want to cover here, but Im also going to be figuring it out.  If youre lucky (or unfortunate enough) to have tripped into my blog world, you have an opportunity to watch me grow from nothing something pages.  Dont know how interesting it will be for you, but Im stretching by just posting here today.

So, wish me luck, because its day one of my blogging efforts. Who knows how often Ill write??  We will see....

As Arnold would say, "Ill be back.", with opinion, commentary, and something (hopefully useful) to say.  Until then,
Asta la Pasta!!

Alexander Grey 

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